06 July 2017

Bullshit & Fairy Dust- Rising to the occasion

After my last post about where I have been, several people have contacted me because they thought I was going to stop doing classes.  That is absolutely not the case.  However, I will be doing things a bit differently.  For the most part you will not see me doing "public" courses in where you will be registering with me.  From now on if an individual, group, or agency wants me to do a class they will book it and and collect the money and I will show up to teach.

You will also be seeing more of my Bullshit & Fairy Dust posts identified by the graphic to the left making them easier to find.  There are no shortage of topics so there will be many.  For today's installment we will talk about the myth of rising to the occasion.

A while ago I watched a video in which a dog trainer was discussing how people buy dog breeds known for protection and think they will automatically attack an intruder.  He had a client who had pure bred German Shepherds from Germany.  The dogs were very expensive and came from blood lines known for Shutzhound and police work.  He assumed that the breeding would be enough for them to protect him and his property. No.

He put on a full bite suit and entered the gate of the neatly manicured mansion lawn and the owner released the dogs.  As he continued to walk towards them, they barked a bit before retreating to the back door looking for the their owner to let them in.  Him not opening the door resulted in lots of lip licking and them making themselves as small as  possible as the trainer walked towards them.

In contrast, he went to the home of a client with a plain Jane German Shepherd that he had trained for a few months.  As soon as he reached over the fence to open the gate, the Shepherd came around the corner and got a full mouth bite on the trainer.

Of course dogs are naturally equipped to defend or attack with their teeth.  As humans we learn to use our personal weapons or carry mechanical weapons.  In people and dogs, long before the fight / flight response, is the natural instinct to avoid stupid places, things, and people.  Humans however choose to ignore that instinct or choose to go anyway.

The absolute best survival strategy is to avoid anyone showing unstable behavior, and this includes aggression.  Even totally tacked out tough guys would agree that this is the response they would like to see from their loved ones.

Whenever you discuss a use of force situation, many are quick to tell you what they would do.  Avoid these idiots, because the truth of the matter is unless you are seeing, tasting, and breathing the situation in real time you don't know.  People are quick to spin a yarn around their response and tactical prowess because they will never be in the exact situations because not even force on force training includes all the variables.  So if your training is limited to the square range and dojo, you will have even less than a clue.

See, that is why I love training people and their dogs so much.  You can learn a lot about a person by observing their response when walking their dog on a leash and it attacks or is attacked by another dog.  There is no faking it.  Before long, they get really good at avoiding their dog's triggers and spotting other unstable dogs and people.  

Making avoidance your go to reaction makes it a lot easier to know when it is not a possibility and you need to fight.

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