02 January 2017

Active shooter stopped by CCW training vid

Some pretty good stuff here.  The only issue I have is the one that I have with all Simunitions training, and that is that you are not supposed to shoot simms within 7 yards, you know...where real shootings happen.  Not to mention they are prohibitively expensive for citizens as well as many agencies.  I have been using Airsoft since around 2002 and will continue to do so.  They are cheap by comparison and you can shoot at contact distance.  The ability to predeploy your pistol is a luxury usually only afforded to law enforcement.  For that reason the when and how to deploy the pistol is the biggest stumbling point.  I would like to see how things go from a holster as well as other force options.  The take away is that it was over in 32 seconds.  A 911 dispatcher would still be getting information from you.  Also those people would have not stayed in place, just sitting in their chairs.

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