04 November 2016

Using your keys for self-defense

Over the years I have been asked this question hundreds of times, always from ladies.  Either they learned it from a "friend" or in a self-defense class.  But in the last two days I have had at least three women ask me about it in and out of class.

The idea of an improvised impact or edged weapon, and a key can be both, is either to puncture soft tissue or concentrate force on a small surface area to increase trauma on hard bony targets.  Using keys in this fashion accomplishes neither.

None of the keys are braced against anything and are mostly at an angle.  Upon impact they will push back as hard against your hand as the target you strike.  The other problem is that people are normally instructed to use this to hit the attacker's face.  The problem is that his arms will likely be up and over yours requiring your to reach up and between them in an attempt to strike.  During a real attack your hands will most likely be coming up from your sides in reaction to the attack.

                                                                                                                                                                    Instead, use your biggest key, or better yet purchase a big blank key just for this purpose.  Pinch it between your thumb and first finger.  As they reach in for you target their ribs.  A few good stabs
there will bring there hands down.  Then you can go for other targets if you need to.  Try this on pizza boxes or better yet all the pumpkins that are laying around.

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