03 November 2016

Palm strikes instead of closed fist strikes- Why?

We teach palm strikes/smashes instead of closed fist strikes for several reasons.  Fist of all a closed fist is not designed for impact on hard surfaces.  Yeah, you can do it once in a while but if you make a habit of it your luck will run out.  If during an altercation you do incur a fracture it will swell up like a balloon and may stop you from using that hand due to swelling and/or mechanical injury.  It looks like crap when you hit someone with a closed fist.  On the other hand the base of your palm was specifically designed for impact with hard surfaces.  That is why you use them to break your fall when falling forward.  The palm smash is most effective from the "get back" palms facing out position and there is little telegraph.

It is all about self-defense with self preservation.  Hurt them without hurting yourself.

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