02 September 2016

The difference between education & training

The best way I have found to explain this to people is by asking this simple question:  Do you want your kids to have sex education or sex training? Now, let's talk about this in relation to personal protection.

When it comes to being in the business of personal protection, I have a love/hate relationship with the internet.  It makes it easy for people to find out about what I do, which sometimes makes me money.  The problem is that people have unlimited access to Youtube videos and the ability to purchase books that they cannot otherwise find locally.  Add that to all the experts on the forums and you get people who have educated themselves with information from people that they will probably never meet in person.  It makes me feel like my buddy who is a doctor feels about Web MD.  He figures at least people have to come to him to get their prescriptions since they can now diagnose themselves, usually incorrectly.  More and more his time spent with patients is spent dispelling the crap they found on the internet.  Often, I feel the same way.

Anyone who has spent anytime dealing with violence for a living will tell you that the the best laid plan goes out the window after first contact (like getting punched in the face).

A perfect example would be all the videos showing gun disarms.  If anyone has knowledge of someone being able to execute a gun disarm in real life, please let me know.  It all comes down to time and opportunity.  If someone is holding a gun on you, they will probably be outside of lunge range.  If they have not shot you, they probably don't plan to.  It is also likely that they do not practice keeping their finger outside of the trigger, so you trying a Steven Segal move could cause you to get shot.

Then there is the plethora of knife defenses that look like a dance.  They have no resemblance to any edged weapons attack that I or anyone else doing reality based self-defense is aware of.  Here is something to look for, if their defense against a knife that is visible in their attacker's hand is using a knife they just happen to have in their hand....turn it off.

As I have suggested many times, watch videos of violent attacks over and over. Slow them down if you can, watch them on mute so you can concentrate on the visual information.  Get a buddy and reenact what you have seen and see what works.  Heck, let's make it even easier.  Spend $50 on some inexpensive boxing gloves and headgear.  Practice defending against full speed roundhouse punches. You know, since that that is the #1 attack you are most likely to see in the street. Once you get good at not getting knocked out, try controlling and counter attacking the attacker after not getting hit so they cannot hit you anymore.  While doing so make sure you have control of the hand they swung, because most people who are cut/stabbed will tell you they never saw the weapon and thought they were being punched.

In closing, don't be so overwhelmed with all the possibilities you find in videos and books of what could happen, this can cause you to be blind to the things that will happen.  This is not a sport.  It is a part of life..or death.

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