02 August 2016

The only two knives I can honestly recommend for weapon retention

After trying tons on knives out for use in weapons retention over the years, the only ones I can endorse without exception are the Emerson Karambit worn reaction side in reverse grip and the Spartan Blades CQB Tool.  The #1 reason is the finger hole in both.  As you know complex motor skills shit the bed under stress,and that makes drawing and retaining an edged weapon difficult.  The finger hole also allows you to retain the knife as well as the pistol in a two handed grip.  It would suck to drop an edged weapon during a gun grab and have to have two live weapons in the fight.  The CQB Tool gets the edge because it can be worn more mid line for totally ambidextrous use.  The both have trainers which are a must since you are planning on using it during the worst time of your life.  Here was my criteria for the endorsement-

Had to be able to be retained with the pistol in a two hand grip.
Had to be able to be accessed during standing free range movement.
Had to be able to access while seated/crouching.
Had to be able to access on the ground.

FWIW, if you are a civilian or for some other reason cannot carry a "dagger" consider carrying the CQB Tool Trainer instead.  As soon as you get it in your hands you will see that it is a serious impact device.  The trainer fits in the live sheath for very realistic training. I have trained some bouncers who are using it exclusively as a back up impact weapon to their flashlight.

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