29 August 2016

Gear Review- The Wilderness' Halfway Decent Glasses Case

Disclosure- I was provided with the following product in return for my review.

OK, that being said, when I first began blogging and reviewing products, I reached out to the brands that I had already been using.  The Wilderness was at the top of the list.  Since probably about 1998, I had been wearing one of their instructors belts under my gun belt, working both SWAT and patrol.  Also being a slave to tactical fashion, I also wore it off duty.  A review of the belt I have been wearing since 2005 is coming soon.  But today we are going to talk about the Halfway Decent Glasses Case.

For those of you who may not be familiar, The Wilderness is a small family run company in Phoenix AZ.  All products are made in the USA.

One of my favorite things about this company is they always seem to come up with simple gear to solve simple problems.  In this case, that is making a halfway decent eyeglass case.  As the story goes, a frustrated customer asked for just that. the customer complained that regular store bought ones did not hold up, and that the tactical ones often resemble that, the "tactical" ones look like ticks about to explode.

Since I had to memorize the eye chart to get into the police department, I can tell you that having my glasses and keeping them in one piece is a big deal for me.  I had the same experiences as the frustrated customer.

I would describe The Wilderness eyeglass case as sort of a sleeve.  This is accomplished by the use
Belt loop that also wraps around to secure one end of the case.
of tough 1000D Cordura exterior and a sheer (smooth) nylon interior that does not hold onto grit and grime that can scratch your glasses.  Between the two layers is quality foam that not only protects your glasses but also allows the case to float in water.  Also inside with the foam is a flexible polymer lining which makes the case resilient to being crushed without adding bulk.  On the outside is The Wilderness' signature belt loop that allows you to attach the case to just about anything.  Personally, I like this because it allows them to be attached to my belt vertically and not horizontally.  The latter takes up too much real estate.  The whole thing is topped off with a heavy duty YKK zipper.

For the most part my case is shoved into the Bag Of Evil and forgotten about until I need to switch out my glasses from regular to sunglasses.  The Halfway Decent Glasses case might seem a bit of an overkill for a glasses case until you look up what your last set of glasses cost you.

Overall it is American Made, simple, and a bombproof solution to an every day carry problem.  The case comes in two sizes.  Small for most glasses, and a Large for bigger wrap around eye protection. Check it out.

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