26 July 2016

"They were targeting moms because they don't like to make a scene"

Few stories I have ever read provide a better example of why we teach Awareness, Avoidance, and Aggression and in that order.  Many violent assaults begin with contact that is non-threatening and considered "normal".   Also provided here is a unique look at post incident psychological issues resulting in what those not involved brush off with a "get over it" mentality.  
Originally posted on the San Diego Reader

Rachel looks like a soccer mom.  On most days her minivan is cluttered with backpacks and sports gear.  Leftover Goldfish and Cheerios are ground into the floorboards.  When dropping her kids off at school in the morning, Rachel often sweeps her long blond hair into a messy bun at the nape of her neck.  Read more .....

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  1. This is do true. I preach thisto wife and her medical friends all the time.