29 July 2016

Attention MCS Alumni

If you have trained with me or even been following MCS for a while you are aware that I can be a tad ADD. Some time ago we talked about assigning MCS CQCG Numbers to those who had trained with us. In talking with MCS Instructor Art Dorst I think we have a way to do this right. If you have trained with us you are going to want your number because with opening the new school we hope to do some giveaways for alumni to thank them for taking us this far. Also you will get 25% off training. This is how we are doing it. Your number will go by the state you live in and the number between 1-50 that you want. For example I am MCSCQCG PA27. Send your state and the number you want to Lisa at MCS521@gmail.com with your name, last MCS class you took and your state and number choice. If more than one person wants the same number we will work it out but I don't see that being an issue. Like I said we have so much in the works you have no idea what this e-mail may up getting you. - George

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