16 June 2016

Russian vs Muslim Brawl- great examples of primal aggression and primal defense.

I am not going to get into politics here.  A buddy sent me this and I thought was interesting.  I am sure some of these fellas had some previous training, or at least were not strangers to violence, both the winners and the losers, but under adrenaline dump what you saw was roundhouses, windmilling (one roundhouse after the other), body tackles, and low kicks.  Once people where on the ground it was hammer fists, knees, and kicks to the head.

You can see that even though they were there for no other reason but to fight, once they were overwhelmed they balled up in the fetal position and just waited for it to stop.  Would have been more interesting if this happened in a parking lot with walls around.

This is why your training has to be based on on your body's fight/flight/freeze reaction and not stylized,scripted nonsense.

I look forward to people comments on this video here and on Facebook.  Please refrain from any political debates.  We are more interested in preparing for violence than where it comes from.

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