10 May 2016

Three things you should carry with you all the time

Regardless of age or work environment, there are three things that everyone should have one them all the time: a whistle, a banana, and a flashlight, and here's why.

Whistle- our world is so full of ringtones, buzzes, beeps, and other noise that few noises are capable of getting attention.  Unless you are on a sports field, you seldom if ever here a whistle.  Signaling is key in an emergency situation whether you are in the woods or a dark parking garage.  Three short blasts is the international sign for distress.  They can offer piece of mind when allowing young ones to use a public bathroom or when the family is at large outdoor events such as amusement parks.  Let them known it is only to be used in case of an emergency, they will be more mature about it than you think.  When you hear that whistle you will know it is your child.

Bandanna - easy enough to fold up and keep in any pocket.  There are tons of uses for them but there are three primary ones we are concerned about.  The first is as a visual signaling device.  The second is as an improvised dust or smoke mask.  Last is as an improvised tourniquet.  Using a pen as a windlass (cylindrical item) that is used to wind the tourniquet tight and you might be able to save yours, or someone else's life.

Flashlight- once you start carrying one you will not believe how often you use it.  This can also be used as a visual signal but more importantly allow you to find your way to navigate during an emergency situation or find your way to a light switch on the other side of the room.  Another great idea when attending big events with the family is to get everyone a different color Photon Micro Lights and to clip it on their person, makes finding your group easy.

These three simple inexpensive things go a a long way for preparing your for emergencies both big and small.

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