09 April 2016

Original MCS Article #1- Preparatory vs Execution Movements

A longtime fan e-mailed me the location of where a lot of the original MCS site was archived so I will be sharing some my older stuff.

Many folks reading this are current or former military, for those that are not I will attempt explain Preparatory Command/ and Command of Execution. When you are marching and the person calling cadence says something like "Right" that is to alert you that prepare you that a command is coming. When they say "Face" that is the Command of Execution and when you hear "Face" you turn "Right".

My point is that I use that to teach self-defense. Picture your training partner standing with their feet about shoulder width apart but on the same plane. You are standing at a 45-degree angle to them at their at approx. their 2 O'clock position.

In most cases for them to throw a right handed lunge punch or a roundhouse they are going to have to step back with their right foot before throwing the punch. That is the Preparatory Movement  (PC) before the attack. When they step back is when you should counter attack. Not when they are throwing the punch which is the Execution Movement (EM).

Another example would be when somebody reaches for a fixed blade worn on the belt in a sheath. That is the Preparatory Movement. Drawing the knife is the Execution Movement. If you attack the attack and smother it you have done two important things. You have kept the knife in the sheath and probably identified the person's strong hand.

The detection of PMs relies heavily on recognizing natural patterns of human movement present during normal contact, as well as quickly establishing a baseline of movement with every contact when possible.

You will be familiar to police responding with gunfire to what is defined as "furtive movement".   Some struggle to define it, but it is pretty easy.  After thousands of times watching people draw guns on TV, movies, or in person we know that if it were not done with speed once could make a case they were retrieving their wallet.  A reasonable person would conclude based on the totality of the circumstances that they were most likely attempting to draw a weapon and planned on use it.  When someone wants to show you something their is no need to present it with speed.

Of course in most attacks there are several Preparatory Movements. Learn to respond to them instead of the Execution Movements.

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