01 February 2016

MCS Correspondence Course Lesson 004- Biting : Effective in the worst situtaions

Ronald Poppo, the victim of the "Miami Cannibal"
Boys will be boys and when they roughhouse, with some exceptions, while wrestling around there are unspoken rules.  You don't punch me in the balls, or try to choke me, and I won't punch you in the balls, or choke you.  An attempt at doing either of these things will quickly escalate a fight or end it.  Beyond pre-school you seldom see any biting.  At the age of knowing right and wrong we are hard wired not to bite other people.

If you talk to people that put their hands on people for a living like cops, corrections officers, and bouncers, they can tell you tons of stories of people wrestling, kicking, and punching them, but few stories about being bit.  There will be some, and they will stand out because it does not happen that often.  From experience I can tell you that even when someone tries to bite you, you have a very primitive response that I can only liken to being attacked by bees.

Because it is so rare, biting provokes a extreme panic response, making it an excellent go to for
Typical bite to the forearm 
kids, women, elderly and disabled.  These people are prayed on because they are identified as weak by the predator.  They are creatures of habit, just like us and tend to pick the low hanging fruit, people that they expect little to no fright from.  Because they underestimate their victims, they will likely take less care in how much they expose themselves than they would to a regular person.

Regardless of age, size, or infirmity, peoples mouth usually still works.  But unless you cross the mental barrier in your mind against biting someone, you will not think of doing it even when your life depends on it.

Any bite is a good bite to attempt escape, but I would suggest the face, neck, hands and inner arms.  The face, neck and hands are likely to be exposed no matter what the weather is and will be easy targets during any attempted sexual assault.

To effectively bite you should bite into exposed flesh if possible, taking as big as a bite as possible and rip a chunk out as if you were biting into a steak.  Most attackers will probably be no stranger to being hit, or even shot and stabbed, there is a very low probability that they have ever suffered a human bite.  This will quickly become their focus and they will likely be overcome with shock.  Keep in mind that it is a last ditch effort to save your like, because if you fail, they are going to pretty angry.

Experience tells us that children often don't realize they are being abducted until it is over.  When women are abducted they are often frozen with fear.  In both cases this fear changes form and as the abduction moves to where the predator feels save to abuse and kill them.  The transport time to this location, and while at the location may provide some "thinking" time for the victim to realize they need to take action.

Again I will say, if there are certain people in your life that you think this information would be the most beneficial too, be sure to share it with them ahead of time, they will not think of it on their own.

While looking for pictures for this post I found many that I was not comfortable posting because I know that someone may be reading over your shoulder and the pictures are too graphic.  You can search on your own if you need further convincing that biting can be a great equalizer and save someones life.

Yes, I am aware that biting someone could expose you to disease.  That is why biting is only advised when your life is in danger.

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