29 January 2016

MCS Correspondence Course Lesson 003 - Combatives Lesson #1

Met with John Pavoncello, MCS Instructor and president of Pho-Tac today.  We discussed our plans for the the MCS Correspondence Course and will begin filming video segments next week.

After more than a decade of doing this it is very often the case that I think about an idea for an article or video and come to find out that I have already done it.  This is the case with this video.  I subscribe to the crawl, walk, run method of instruction that I was taught in the Army.  This video covers the absolute fundamentals for dealing with unarmed personal conflict within arms reach.  This is the first thing we cover in any Spontaneous Attack Survival Course.  DO NOT LET ANYONE PUT THEIR HANDS ON YOU.  This is true for all situations.

For the last 2.5 years my "day job" is working with intellectually disabled adults.  At times they can be explosively aggressive and do not always have the tell tale body language and patterns of movement that you and I would have before they attack.  This gives me lots of practice at not letting people put their hands on me.  It was the same working as a cop or a bouncer.

The goal of this is that even if money, time, and space prohibit you from training with me or another instructor, that I take the complex and make it simple, allowing you to train with family members and friends.  I want you passing it on and teaching it.  Your teenage daughter in college will probably need this before you do.

Work on these simple things first and feel free to post questions on Facebook or e-mail me.  After a few days I will break the video down even farther.

The primary takeaway is to move to the outside when you can and drive up the middle when you can't.  This leads into edged weapon defense because you have distal control of the offending hand.  You will see some advocate simply wrapping the entire arm, this is fine if it a punch, but if there is a blade you don't see you will get gutted.  We treat all attacks as if there is knife we don't see.

Also, I do my best to provide the best information available for the average guy,   If you would like to donate to keep it going I would appreciate it.  You can donate using Pay Pal to mercop27@gmail.,com.  Enjoy the video.

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