01 December 2015

MCS Road March- like GORUCK for fat guys over 40

More and more I realize I am not a good as I once was. The injuries have been many, line of duty, training, martial arts, motorcycle wrecks. I feel pretty good most of the time but always a little sore. If you are over forty there is a good chance that your neck, back, knees, shoulders are not factory fresh anymore.  Being married with kids and all the chaos that comes with it I need a PT program that can be done any time anywhere and will allow me to work the next day.

Since I promised myself that if I splurged on a Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault pack I would get off my ass and carry it places besides back and forth to the car.  There is satisfaction in knowing that you can pull your own weight, literally.

Over the years in articles and comments I have written about my disgust of the man that has Bug Out Bag packed to the point of busting the seams that he keeps in his closet or vehicle.  That led to the Bag of Evil concept, a EDC bag based on your personal needs (not SEAL Team 6s) that you have with you all the time.  Today most of us live in a "death before dismount" society where we bitch if we cannot find a spot close to the grocery store.    Personally I don't think it is a lot to require myself to carry my BOE for 3 miles in 60 minutes, as a starting point.

Veterans will shudder at the words, but I have begun to road march.  Taking the BOE, loading it with water for extra weight and get to marching.  Sometime back MCS instructor Sgt. Art told me about GORUCK.  Now that I am getting into it I looked it up.  They seem to have three types of events; tough, heavy, and light.  The light seemed to light so I checked out the heavy.  The only problem with the heavy was the PT test before hand that would wreck my aging shoulders even more.  I also had to chuckle that the weight classes, under 150 and over 150.  Being 6'2 and between 290-310 most of my career I had to chuckle.  There were lots of pictures of young hard chargers tearing it up, and good for them, as well for the few old timers. So what is an old fat guy to do, get my ass out there and road march anyway.  Now I am planning on doing some 5 and 10Ks.  

Something anyone living the Warrior ethos should practice is becoming indifferent to pain, hardship, and misery, at least as the most basic level.  That means getting out there when it is wet, cold, or hot.  You learn to put yourself in a different place.

So take the simple test, covering 3 miles in 60 minutes with the bag you carry everyday should be no problem right?  If it is keep at it, if its not continue to push yourself.  I have a great app on my phone called MapMyHike to keep track of everything.  Today I took on some killer hills and did my 3 miles in 54 minutes and burnt over 1100 calories.  That is just based on my height and weight and not taking into consideration the weight of my gear.  Today it was pouring down rain and about 45 degrees...awesome.

If you have a body and bag, put some stuff in it, hopefully stuff that comes in handy and get out there and road march, or GORUCK or whatever you want to call it.

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