25 November 2015

You cannot Vet the undocumented

From the feedback on 911 in a mobile society, what you need to know, once again I realize that many people’s understanding of how emergency services work is based on what they see on TV and in the movies.

How Citizens are identified- If for some reason a policeman in any state, in any town in the US, comes in contact with someone he needs to identify, it works like this.  In many cases, it will be the registered owner of the vehicle they stop, usually the registered owners driver’s license number will be on the registration.  He can get all of this information through communications even before he stops a car.  It only takes a few minutes.  Often however the person that is stopped, especially if they are not connected to a vehicle, they will not be carrying any ID at all. Of course, I realize this America and we are not required to produce “papers” while just walking out in public.  But, at least where I worked, if they had no ID they were not exercising their constitutional rights.  They were criminals who anticipated contact with the police.  In that case. it works like this.

You simply ask them for their name, including the spelling, and their date of birth, and if they have a driver’s license in any state.  With that information, using the height and weight of the person in front of you, most of the time you can narrow down who they are pretty quick.  Body language and answers to your questions set alarm bells off pretty fast if they are giving you bad information.  Depending on the circumstances, you can request a criminal history check through communications.  I say depending on the circumstances because both your name and that of the dispatcher are on that request and you better have an answer as to what your reason was for running it.
For instance, one night I had a guy stopped for DWI and he gave me a name and date of birth that came back as having a valid license, but my intuition told me he was lying. 

 After running a criminal history, I found out he was lying when I asked him how he lost his eye.  He said “what”, because on his criminal history under scars/marks/tattoos it said he was missing an eye.  The man’s name and DOB he had used was actually his wife’s new husband.

Even when it comes to illegals from Mexico, you can find out who they really are because if you have them for a crime they have probably already committed other crimes in the Border States and have fingerprints on file.

Sometimes though you have someone that refuses to identify themselves, which is their right unless they are charged with the crime.  During the booking process, their prints are taken and they are eventually identified.  What you should be taking away from this is the “Vetting” requires the person to have a documented background.  The only two ways to confirm the identity of a human being are fingerprints and DNA.

Refugees from Syria likely do not have any fingerprints or DNA on file, so even if you were to take both upon arrival there will be nothing to compare them to.  From that point on if they do something that information would be helpful.

At the time of entry, it is likely that the only thing you will have are documents which we know are easily forged.  As we found out from Cuba, using refugee status in a great way to export your criminals.  The places these refugees are coming from make Mexico seem technologically advanced.  Unless they are already on the terrorist watch list, there is no way to know if they are a criminal, terrorist, or like the majority just a refugee fleeing terror.  In any of these cases, here is the problem-

Criminal history- especially when it comes to males.  You have no way of knowing if this person is a petty thief or rapist.

No fixed location- unlike most of us reading this they will have no ties to any communities in the US.  If this was bail review, the person in question would be considered a substantial flight risk.  So, if they walk off from where they are housed, it is reasonable to believe you might never track them down.

Pandemic- this world and this country are long overdue for a Pandemic.  You are bringing people here from what is basically a different world.  Look at the questions they ask about travel when you go to the emergency room here in the US.  At the port of entry everyone coming in contact with them may be exposed to diseases that have been eradicated in the US.  Eventually the children will go to school children, children’s whose parents more and more refuse to have them vaccinated.

Ripe for radicalization- if they are not radicalized when they get here, there will be plenty waiting to help them get radicalized when they arrive.  It will all be done under a humanitarian guise by mosques coming to the aid of the refugees.  The refugees, feeling disenfranchised and angry, will provided the perfect Petri dish to be radicalized.

As far as terrorism goes, our Southern border is a moot point now.  You are talking about putting up a fence around your house while the front door is being held wide open.  Think about what would the typical background, actions, and appearance be more suspect in a group of Mexicans sneaking across the border or with a group of Syrians flowing into the US.

The idea of “Vetting” someone with no traceable background is ridiculous. 

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