07 November 2015

Weapon Retention 101

***Weapon retention***
Just watched a video on Policeone on weapon retention called stack and strip.  I cannot share it because it is password protected and you need LE clearance to view...so I will describe it, with my comments.

Basically, the instructor is wearing a blue gun in an exposed holster.  He eludes to a previous block where they spoke about "hollowing out" to avoid the gun grab.  Hollowing out should be avoided because it puts you on your toes, off balance, and locks you into place in front of your attacker.  So, that is that.

He then has his partner reach in with his left hand and grab his gun.  More than 93% of the US population is right handed.  I don't know about you, but if I am trying to snatch someone's pistol I am using my strong hand...a cross grab.

Next, instead of moving to his left at a 45 degree angle as we teach, he instead stays put and uses his strong forearm to block the grab.

If that fails and he gets the hand on the gun, you use your gun hand to stack it on top of his with the gun in the holster.  Again, he is standing still with no dynamic movement.  We teach to hook your gun hand fingers under your holster and pull up forcing the grip of your gun into your side as you step violently back with your gun side foot.  Doing this snaps your attacker into you and you use your off hand to elbow him in the face/head until he lets go of the gun or is unconscious.

In the video, once he has his hand on top of the bad guys, he reaches over the bad guys arm with his off hand and grabs a handful of shirt and spins him until he lets go of the gun.  One of the things that separates MCS is that we don't use our thumbs to grip, we use our two middle fingers to "hook" which only allows you to pull which is 30% stronger than pushing.  This also keeps you from overextending and falling off balance.  It is not wise to train to grab clothes since you have no idea what they will be wearing, or how far it will stretch.  This is just too many variables for a basic and vital technique.  I will get with John and see if we can shoot a video.

Then of course he breaks contact and goes to gun.  In MCS if we have their hands tied up, and our gun is in our holster, we are going to stay in contact and finish the fight by attacking the CNS and Structural System.

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