19 November 2015

Tourniquet & Israeli Bandage recommendations

Recieved an question from a subscriber in reference to You need a You need a Bag of Evil, here are the essentials.

He wanted to know if he should just buy one SWAT-T Tourniquet and Israeli Bandage or get two of each for familiarization and training.  My recommendation would be to get two of each.  A set of of each, one set to carry and another to not only familiarize yourself but to train others.  Remember to practice using them on yourself first.

He also asked about keeping things sterile.  As a rule I pin prick packages to squeeze all the air out so as to take up less space.  If you want to you can use a piece of tape to cover the hole.  It just seems to be that if you are using this stuff, wound contamination will be the least of your problems.

Others have also recommended the CAT Tourniquet , which is actually what I carry in my Bag of Evil.  I carry the SWAT-T on my motorcycle.  My reason for recommending the SWAT-T beyond the price, was because of how flat it folds and that it can be used for applying direct pressure to  serious hemorrhage.   Personally if I had to only have one it would be the CAT.  CATs are also what I use in our Traumatic Injury Management Courses.

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