04 November 2015

Make a professional first impression- Mechanix Wear Hi-Viz FastFit Orange

For those that follow MCS on Facebook, you may have seen my post today in reference to the fact that if you become flustered when pulling up on the scene of a motor vehicle accident, chances are you will not be calm, cool, and collected when attacked by another human.

One of the things that fueled this post was an incident that happened while me and the boss were visiting Ocean City MD a few weeks ago for my birthday weekend.  We had just checked into our hotel and were heading out for something to eat.  Lisa was driving on Coastal Highway, and I was riding shotgun and checking Yelp reviews on my phone.  As we approached an intersection, a vehicle attempting a U-turn turned into vehicle in front of us that had the right of way.  I did not see it, but I sure heard it.  Lisa immediately pulled over and turned on our flashers.

Just a few days earlier I had picked up a pair of Mechanix Wear Hi-Viz FastFit Orange to replace my old black ones that had protected my hands from the wire wheel of a bench grinder earlier that week.  I had planned on switching out to the Hi-Viz anyway.  From experience, I know that about 90% of the time I will need my gloves in a hurry is at a car accident, usually during hours of darkness.  Even with a flashlight I have had issues before with drivers seeing me.  With the Hi-Viz, the orange can bee seen during the day and the reflective stripe seen at night.

I pulled the gloves off my bag and hopped out.  It was immediately clear that nobody was badly injured or trapped, but being on Coastal Highway the biggest threat was a subsequent accident being caused by the two disabled vehicles in the travel lanes.  As soon as I began to direct traffic with the gloves on, I noticed a huge difference in my visibility and the speed at which people responded to my hand signals.  Upon arrival of the first police unit, out of habit, I motioned him to where I wanted his car, not where he put it and he moved...right away.  Afterward, I chatted with the officer and he made the following unsolicited comment, "When I saw your gloves, I thought you were a volunteer and needed me to move for apparatus to get in."

Needless to say, these gloves will stay bungee corded to the Bag of Evil.  In the rear of the Mountainsmith Red Rock 25  I have been using, I keep a reflective vest and belt.  These items will do more on an average day to identify you as a trained asset to local LE, EMS, and Fire than a 5.11 tuxedo.  Just food for thought.

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