19 November 2015

How to give a good suspect description

 More than ever it is important for the Citizenry to prepare for the worst.  When something happens that involves bad guys getting away, a good suspect description can save lives.  Many descriptions contain lots of information but are not all that helpful.

Report what you noticed the most-  they will be the same things that make people stand out in any normal situations.  Things like accents, piercings, and scars/marks/ and tattoos.  If there was more than one suspect did they call each by name or nickname.

What shoes were they wearing-  yeah, you read that right.  Very often it is a shoe print that solves a crime.  Clothing descriptions are good but people will often change their clothes immediately after a crime.  More often criminals will wear several layers of clothing allowing them to just shed the top layer.  It is much more uncommon for them to change their shoes.  Color of shoe, type and condition can be important details.  Shoes are one of the first things I look at when visually patting down people I come into contact with.

Physical description-
Race (black, white, Hispanic, mixed, other)
Head hair
Facial hair
Height in 2 inch increments
Weight in 5 lb increments
Age in 5 year increments
Clothing (color/brand/logo)

Vehicle description-  from experience I can tell you that sitting on the side of the road looking for a suspect vehicle identified only by make, model, color, and partial tag (most often one or two of those things) can be frustrating.  Again, try to concentrate on things that stand out.  The easiest thin to change on a vehicle is the license plates.  Body damage, stickers, and after market parts like custom rims or spoilers can be spotted by responding officers at a distance.  Don't forget direction of travel.

For this and many other reasons the prepared should always have a pen and something to write on.  An index card folded in half is great tor taking notes.

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