11 November 2015

Here is the "war on police" is going to cause more shootings

If you pay attention to the news reports, you can see it already.  The "war on police" is going to actually cause more people to be shot and killed and here is why.

In my experience, many shootings are the result of officers failing to immediately take control of a situation which leads to things spiraling out of control.  It is also my belief that the vast majority of use of force situations could be dealt with effectively using effective open hand skills, not the typical arrest and control bullshit.

Since the open hand control tactics that police are taught are of little use when actually dealing with a resisting subject, they have little confidence in them.  So if you couple that with a scared and emotional officer, they will continue to yell verbal commands over and over even when the suspect fails to comply.  They will become scared to the point where the only thing they can or will do is shoot.

Maybe I am wrong, but just watch the news over the next year and see.

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