05 October 2015

Inverted Tactics

People that are familiar with Inverted Edge Tactics usually think that it is only about knives.  In fact Inverted Tactics are fundamental to MCS because in a resting position our hands are at our waist, not up in a fighting stance.  This means that there is an excellent chance that they will be coming underneath your attackers arms during a spontaneous attack.  This is where we start all our drills from.  This is the defensive part of Inverted Tactics.  The offensive part is taking advantage of the fact that the most difficult strikes to defend against are those which come up an under like a back hand or IET strike.

In this video you can see how we train with the cane as an extension of our arm, allowing us to move to the outside.  You can easily picture doing the same techniques open handed or with a blade.  This is how we achieve continuity and cut down on training time.  Always strive to move to the outside.  Once you are there you have more time and opportunity to damage your attacker until you can escape.

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