03 October 2015

3-5 rounds, 3-5 seconds, 3-5 feet

I realize how sexy it is to strap on a chest rig and run around with a carbine, or stand flat footed on the range and see hove fast you can shoot an el presidente, but neither of those things are going to do very much to help you in the most likely scenario you are going to encounter as a police officer or Citizen. Chances are you will only be armed with a pistol and furtive movement, not a buzzer, will provoke you to fire 3-5 rounds, in 3-5 seconds, at 3-5 feet. The habit of always rushing to a two handed grip in reaction to a buzzer, and not firing until the sights get between your eyes and the threat are going to put you way behind the instinctual shooting of your attacker. As soon as you get two hands on your gun your movement is retarded and after 1000s of hours on the square range you will stand still removing the first natural key to survival which is movement At that 3-5 feet you do not have the physical distance needed to bring your gun up to full extension which is required to to get the sights between your eyes and the threat. The only way to see the sights is to bring your eyes to the sights or the sights to your eyes. The entire time you are bypassing the default structural target of the pelvic girdle and circulatory targets of the lower abdomen. As that pendulum at the end of your arm is swinging up (actually what happens under stress in contrast to your competition draw) it not hard to see how rounds "aimed" a the chest go high and into or over the shoulders. If you are serious about this stuff, get a Blue Gun for your carry pistol as well as an gas operated airsoft that fits in your carry holster if at all possible. Try to carry the same gun in the same holster, in the same position as much as possible. Minimize issues as much as possible

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