12 September 2015

Amazing video showing the failure of use of force by police

First of all I want to say that I do not blame the officers.  I blame their agency and moreso the current culture of American law enforcement.

The common use of force continuim is-

Officer presense
Verbal commands
Open hand control
Presentation of capability of deadly force
Deadly force

Depending on the agency OC, baton, and Taser might move around the continuim.  It is all based on the totality of circumstances.  For instance it was a good choice not to deploy OC in the McDonalds because of all the idiots inside who were too interested in their Big Macs, filming or watching the show.

I don't know anything about what happened before the video started, so we will start when the video starts.  Without the police presense you can tell something is up because the guy is in McDonalds with no shirt and no shoes.  When I am bouncing I look at eveyones footwear.  When I see a guy wearing flip flops I know what my first target is going to be, a good old fashioned foot stomp.  According to MCS Combative Anatomy we appreciate and hope for the suspect to feel pain causing psycological stoppage but we don't count on it.  Feet are the base of the base and if you shatter them the person is likely unable to stand or walk, and if nothing else will bring their head down using MCS Body Mapping setting you up for Central Nervous System disruption.

Having no shirt, and no belt, in addition to his open hands there is a much lower chance of him having a weapon.  This gives you  much more open hand combative options.  But as usual these days they go to Taser...why?  Because very little time is spent putting your hands on people except to control and cuff them...usally called arrest and control, not arrest out of control.  Minimal time is spent on this stuff because it has the highest risk of loss time injuries than any othe use of force subject.

As you can see with the Taser they are totally fixated on it and a hesitant to move on from there and what to do.  You can see that the baton strikes on large mucsle groups have no effect.  This is because anyone else besides police that trains for the use of weapons will tell you that edged weapons seek flesh, and impact weapons seek bone.  Just not for police because hitting people on bone with a baton could hurt people, but ineffective use of the baton and hitting large muscle groups lets confrontation spriral out of control and often ends up with the use of deadly force.  Think about it, cops are VERY hesitant and poorly trained to use the baton.  It usually comes into use when the Taser has failed and things are spriraling quickly out of control.  So as a last in a last ditch effort the officer uses his baton that he received incorret and flawed training with in the beginning, and being affraid of excessive force charges seldom uses, now he attempts to use it and it fails.  Nothing like confidence.  

In our scenario here one good strike to the knee or ball of the ankle could have ended this whole thing.  The quicker a confration ends the safer it usually is for officers and the suspect.  But that is what they call a red strike, meaning it has the possiblity of causing serious permanent physical injury.

Not long after the baton strikes I thought there was a ray of home when the officer came from behind.  We use this distraction techique in bouncing.  When a violent person is fixated on someone else you come from behind with a rear naked choke and things are over in about two seconds.  But of course most agencies no longer allow chokes, so he just pushed the guy and he fell.  Even wearing socks on slippery commercial flooring he was able to get back on his feet and one officer got in a half ass kick that was way to high.  Once again kicking his shin and a foot stomp would have kept his head down and lead to a better chance for control.  It continues to move outside.  They they use OC with little effect.  When people stop fighting because of OC it is because they freak out beause they cannot see.  Seldom, at least initially does it stop them from being able to resist or fight.  This is the case here.

I say it over and over again, so I will say it again here.  The lact of effective open hand combatives of police and the deciveness of when to use them early on is the #1 issue leading to excessive force complaints.  The training has little to nothing to do with the realities of putting your hands on someone in the street so police are scared, when you are scared you over react.  Over reacting leads to excessive force.  So basically what I am saying is that police to to be trained more extensivly in violence to avoid using it when it is not warranted.  But again, it all comes down to what is more important cultural diversity class or defensive tactics?  What do you think/

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