06 August 2015

A few thoughts on the reality of giving first aid and CPR

So today I did my recert at my "day job" for CPR and First Aid.  I don't expect the instructors to have the experience I do so some notes should be included for them to share.

They need to cover how they will likely be freaked out when something happens, especially with lots of blood and screaming.  They need to tell them to breath.  I have always found it best to kind of act like you were in a game or a movie, that is how it seeems when training kicks in anyway.

When it comes to CPR they need to tell them about breaking the ribs, especially with the elderly.  They can never emphasize how fast CPR wears you out.  After the first two minutes you are shot because they don't take into account your raise in BP because of the stress.  If there are people around, right as you begin CPR you are going to want to yell for anyone else that knows CPR and to get ready.  In an emergency just tell anyone, watch what I am doing and do it when I tell you, 30 compressions and 2 breaths, five cycles every two minutes.

I also carry three pairs of black nitrile gloves ona patch on my belt all the time.  Black because it is tactical and will bring me good luck.  Most of the time I end up using them to keep my hands pristine while working on my bike but I don't want to dig for them in an emergency.  If I am going hands on with a stranger I double glove and the other pair is for the person I will force to help me.

It is the basics that save lives more than being able to place an airway or treat a sucking chest wound.  They are all important but put first things first as with all skill sets and training.  It will most likely be someone you care about that needs help before it will be a stranger.  You will need an extra pair of gloves before you will need an extra P-mag.

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