10 July 2015

Assets & Liabilites

All people are either assets or liabilities.  Obviously the young, old, and sick are liabilities.  But what about your older kids, spouse and others in your life.  Are they fragile people?  Do they fall apart and freak out and perceive everything as an emergency and fail to act?  I choose to spend my time around others, mostly men, although there have been a few ladies in my professional life that are antifragile and don't loose their shit at a motor vehicle accident or when someone yells at them.  The problem is that for many people they will never see their friends and family in a situation like this until it is two late.  So you have to judge how they will act under pressure from much smaller issues.

I had this conversation a few weeks back with Tony, the son of MCS instructor John Pavoncello.  Tony is in the AF Reserve Security Forces.  His unit has not been deployed so I asked him out of all the people in his unit, how many does he think would actually have his back in a bar fight much less a fire fight.  After some thought he came up with two names.  Truth is that was probably two more names than lots of other people.

In an emergency do you think your wife and kids will listen to you and do exactly as you say?

The romantic fantasy of bugging out will come to a screeching halt when you get a flat tire and all your shit is packed on top of your spare and your kids and wife are freaking out.

Best to consider your personal an professional liabilities now.  When I was on the street I would see who was working with me.  Some nights I sat and read gun magazines and sometimes I went out on and did police work.  All depended on who I had to count on.  Most cops I worked with were liabilities.  If that is the case how many of your "friends" do you think you could count on?  Many base their answer saying so and so is a "good guy".  I worked with lots of cops who would make great neighbors but were just wearing cop costumes.

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