09 July 2015

5000 miles with the Bag Of Evil

Impromtu Bag of Evil dump.  So far just on my bike I have done well over 5000 miles of traveling since March. both locally and road trips.  Excect for some food and extra clothes this has been what I have been carrying.  Years ago I started off by adding somthing to the BOE if I needed it more than once.  For the most part the contents are pretty stable these days.  The Moutainsmith Red Rock 25 L has proved to be about the perfect bag for what I need to carry on the bike.  The pack cover also by Mountainsmith is amazing now that I replaced the cinch cord with bungee.  For some reason I always seen to end up riding in heavy raid and it has kept the pack bone dry.

If you have questions about the contents fire away.

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