27 June 2015

Church Shooting- the armed response

There have been many church shootings in the past and unfortunately there will be more.  Attacking people at a place of worship is a nobrainer for any idiot who wants to kill people.  I mean you advertise exactly what time you will be with your family, in a large group of people, in a wide open space, with money in your pockets, facing away from the door.

Over the years, I have visited several churches, and spoken to even more people on the phone and online about security at their church.  Often people get stuck on typical security things like doors and windows.  That's fine and should be of course included, but the hand wringing usually starts when I ask if they have an armed response in place during services.

If you consider yourself a Christian there are two sides to this.  The first is that you should be prepared to die for your belief.  The second is that there is a responsibility to protect the innocent.

In reality, the shooter or shooters is probably not going to go to people one by one and ask you about your faith.  They will be too busy killing women, children, and old people as fast as they can.

As stupid as it sounds, I have heard cops and CCW holders who don't carry when they go to church because....well....they are going to church.

Having been a huge fan of Col Grossman, long before the whole Sheepdog thing was coopted by anyone who wanted to cash in, this really comes down to the Sheepdog idea.

Few things are a better example of this country than people being able to gather and worship as they please.  Those among us who have it in our heart to run towards the gunfire need to be prepared to protect the flock.

If you live in a state with CCW, there are going to be three types of responses by armed parrisioners:  no response, an individual response, or a team response. Now is the time to talk to your pastor, church elders, and other Sheepdogs you have identifed to come up with a plan for when this happens at your church.  Stay Safe and God Bless.- George

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