28 April 2015

Killing sacred cows in Indianapolis

My two favorite myths to dispel during classes are that you will have the physical ability to see your sights much less use them within 5-7 yards. The other is the 21 foot "rule", misunderstood because people see it as a gun problem and not a fighting problem. We show you how to survive within 5 feet. Nobody in the class had any previous "knife" training but was able pressure test what was taught against the stun gun with just 3-4 hours of training. If that is how long it takes to learn it imagine how little time you need to practice it on your own with a partner to master it and gain confidence. In the same amount of time they became "masters" of IET, which the hardest part of as it is with the pistol is the ability to deploy it under stress. Once the knife is out, any knife, IET is intuitive, defensive, and defensible. Outstanding crew. Huge thanks to ACT for hosting. I could not be happier with this industry partnership. If you are in Indy these are the guys to go to to learn how to fight with your firearms.

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