18 March 2015

First Look- Yukon Outfitters Torent DryBag 25L

One of the new pieces of gear I picked up at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg was the Torent Dry Bag 25L from Yukon Outfitters. For years I have been using the old USGI wet weather bags, contractor bags, and zip locks instead of more expensively priced dry bags. Most of the time these bags were used in the woods. Starting a few years ago, I started doing about 90% of my traveling from early March to late December on my motorcycle. Unfortunately getting wet often goes hand in hand with motorcycling. The need for a proper wet weather bag for the bike along with the "Hyper Green" color of the Yukon bag put me over the edge. 

 On a motorcycle, visibility is everything, so I figured the bag would be great for the back of the bike. Yesterday I picked my bike up at the shop after getting new tires, plugs, brakes, and such. I wanted to take my spare motorcycle cover to where I work and began thinking of how I was going to accomplish this. Then I remembered the Torent Dry Bag that had been sitting in my closet since February. I have the 25L, the smallest of the Torent series, its big brothers are 30L and 40L respectively.

. The cover, designed for a V Twin Harley Davidson, only took up about a third of the bag. Rolling and then securing the buckle on the bag gave me confidence that water did not stand a chance of getting inside. In the future I plan to do a dunk test even though the bag is marketed only as water resistant. The bag also sports attachment points for the included adjustable sling strap. This came in handy for securing the bag horizontily across my Mountainsmith Red Rock pack that was already on my bike with my EDC gear. During the 25 miles to work, the bag stayed put. Having its neon color on the back of the bike is a plus. I plan on getting one of the larger bags for motorcycle camping this summer. At under $19 from Amazon this bag is cheap insurance to keep your gear dry. Here is some of the info from the company. 

  •  Keeps Your Gear and Valuables Dry 
  • Durable Water Resistant Construction 
  • Welded Seams with Watertight Roll Top 
  • Closure Integrated Grab and Go Shoulder Sling 
  • UTX Buckles

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