06 February 2015

MCS Knocker

We love impact weapons and are happy to finally make these available.  The slungshot's roots are buried deep in maritime tradition.  The original intended purpose was use to cast lines between ships and docks.  As with many everyday tools, they soon became known as devastating improvised weapons.  Often associated with things like knuckles and switchblades they were outlawed in many places and remain that way even today.

Ours are made by yours truly, one at at time, using high quality parachute cord and our own proprietary 2 ounce "shot" weaved into a Monkey's Fist.  Others use ball bearings which require a bigger "shot" to achieve the same weight.  These things pack a punch.

Recommended carry is in your front strong side pocket with just the loop hanging out.  Deployment is achieved by hooking your pinky through the loop and striking your attacker up and under the chin.  This is for informational purposes only.  Hitting yourself or anyone else with minimal force WILL cause injury.  You have been warned.

Check your state and local laws before ordering.


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