25 February 2015

Donate to Veterans and keep your money local

Senior is on the right
Some may or may not know that a huge part of my life is dedicated to helping Veterans, for me it is a family tradition.  My father George F Matheis Sr is the President of Rolling Thunder Chapter 3 NJ.  I am currently the Vice President of the American Legion Riders Post 543.  What these organizations as well as the VFW and very few others have in common is that every dime we take in goes to the Veterans and not to administrative cost such is the issue with the Wounded Warrior Foundation.  WWF is also anti 2nd Amendment.  If you are going to donate your hard earned money and want it to go to your local Veterans donate your your local American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, or Rolling Thunder Chapter.  Better join one of these service organizations and give back to those who gave for you.  God Bless America.

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