17 February 2015

Citizens should be able to carry any and all weapons they wish

It should come as no surprise that I don't believe in any kind of arms control over Citizens. That means anyone over 18 years of age, without a felony conviction, and without a dishonorable discharge. "What could happen" is not a reason not to allow them to carry guns, knives, samurai, slung shots, sling shots, knuckles or whatever. The mere carrying of a weapon in public should not be a crime. If you use a weapon and the use is investigated and you are found to be in violation then you should be punished. Even though I choose to carry a firearm, those who do not or cannot afford one should not give up their ability to defend themselves. Most weapons laws, especially those that cover edged and impact weapons are very archaic and were written in reaction to the public perception of who carried them at the time. Like all weapons laws they only work on the Citizen, not the criminal. Self defense is a God given right and should not be infringed upon by local, state, or federal government who admits and demonstrates day in and day out that they cannot and will not protect the citizenry at large. You can never trust a person, group, entity, or government that wants to remove your right to own something you need to do for yourself what they cannot.

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