23 February 2015

A pen in the hand is worth more than an illegal knife in the pocket

Fella on BF was looking for advise on the best $20 knife to carry for defense in NY.  My response-

I know it throws water on a lot of fantasies but I would go with a good pen and a good flashlight.  It all comes down to selection, carry, deployment, and use.  Everyone here is talking about their advice on cheap knives to carry to defend yourself..  When it comes to carry everyone is talking about how the laws in your area restrict what you can carry.  Get by all that you you would need to have the time and opportunity to deploy a knife during an altercation.  Most "normal" people cannot dedicate to throwing a full force punch much less cutting or stabbing someone.  Impact weapons because they attack the Central Nervous System and Structural System are faster at shutting down and attacker.  When it comes to tools, lay a foundation of carrying things that you can carry anywhere like pens, not only that they have an obvious use also because you can carry them in your hand.  They are really just  allow a mechanical advantage to what you can do with your hands.  They are also low on the force continuum allowing you to use them much earlier in an altercation than a deadly force option such as a knife or a a gun.  Being confident, secure, and determined with a pen or light in your hand is more beneficial than having a knife in your pocket that you are worried about the legality of carrying.- George

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