13 January 2015

The need to be ambidextrous with edged and impact weapons.

In another group I belong to an buddy posted an article on the need to train to be ambidextrous with edged and impact weapons. Here was my response as it pertains to most of us-

Few people here are ever going to be the attacker, but rather the counter attacker / defender. Basically someone else is leading the dance and you follow in a way that continues to allow them to lead or you change the dance and lead. MCS is predicated on the fact that 93%+ people in the western world are right handed. That means that we spend over 90% of our time training against right handed attackers. Both to take away their ability to attack in the first place by constant tactical positioning and moving to the outside of their strong side. Now I know we are talking about weapons, or more importantly having the time and opportunity to use them in defense. IMHO the idea of using a knife in self defense is a possibility and not a probability. If you have anything it will be a stick or other impact weapon. I have hit lots of people with a baton, often not getting the reaction I was anticipated. In a real altercation if I had to choose between hitting someone with a stick in my off hand, in the back of my mind would be the idea that I might have to use my pistol with it next because the result would likely be feeble. I understand it as an academic pursuit to those who engage in traditional arts. For me again it comes down to probabilities vs possibility, YMMV. I train in open hand, stick, knife, and pistol as a system with open hand making up about 75% of what we do because my experience and expertise tells me that not only will it likely be my initial response but if it is effective it may be all that is needed.

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