15 November 2014

Gear Review- Schampa Warmskin Pharoah Deluxe

As I spoke about in my previous review of the Schampa Skull Mask ,I ride year round here in Southwest Pennsylvania where things can get a little brisk.  For me the skull mask is fine until the temps go below 40 degrees.  Then it is time to breakout the Schampa Warmskin Pharoah .

Last Sunday was the first really cold day.  When I left the house, it was 31 degrees and my average speed was approximately 45 MPH for my 45 minute ride.  That made the windchill about 13.6 degrees.  At this speed, at that temperature, the wind finds any and every gap in your riding gear.  My head, face, and neck were comfortable the entire time.  Keep in mind I wear a half helmet and do not run a windshield.

When I received the Pharoah, the first thing I thought was how warm it felt. When you first put it on, it takes a few seconds to get it all situated the way you want it. The WarmSkin material is very stretchy and needs to be pulled tight so as not to bunch up under your helmet.  WarmSkin is used for the top, sides, and back.  StormGear material is used for the face and bib to stop the wind.

When you first look at it, you would probably be inclined to put the Pharoah on
early in your dressing routine.  If you do, you will probably be sweating by the time you get on the bike and that is not a good thing. It is one of the last things I put on, before my helmet, and lastly my gloves.  When I do put it on, I pull the face mask down under my nose to help prevent fogging.  Applying Cat Crap to your eye wear helps the fog to dissipate quickly, but in my experience does not stop it from forming.  Then I tuck the front and rear bib into my other layers.

My favorite thing about the Pharoah is that it is lightweight and sleek.  There is not a lot of heavy material that bunches up.  This can be very uncomfortable.  I don't feel like I am wearing a Watch Cap under my helmet.

Final thoughts, if you enjoy any kind of cold weather motorsports, the Pharoah provides a well made, inexpensive option to keep your face, head, and neck warm in cold temperatures.  Just keep in mind that it is extreme cold weather gear and that when you are stopped you will overheat, so carry other cold weather headgear with you.  Considering my positive experiences with the Schampa Skull Mask and the Pharoah, I might just have to order some of their other headgear for this purpose.

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