16 November 2014

Fantasy of the Fight- the Cheap Shot

People that have not had the misfortune of growing up in a locale where they had to fight to survive, or being in a profession requiring them to put their hands on people, often have the ridiculous notion that fighting may look something like this.

It has been my experience that with most things in life, the ones you see coming don't hurt you.  It is the ones you don't see.  In my professional police and bouncing career, the worst injuries I have suffered were never at the hands of the primary offender I was dealing with and they NEVER EVER came from the front.  They were always cheap shots from the rear or the flank.  In every instance, I was tied up with someone else when I felts someone else punching or kicking me, most often to the back of the head.

For the citizen, if trained correctly, this should rarely be an issue if you make these principles a priority.

  • Do not hold onto your attacker longer than absolutely necessary to do damage
  • You have no responsibility to "control" anyone
  • Do not let your attacker hold onto you
  • Keep moving 
  • Avoid bending over to deal with an attacker on the ground
To have someone attack you from the blind side necessitates that you have one to attack on, stay on your feet, keep your head on a swivel, and move, move, move.

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