03 November 2014

#1 Bad Habit That Most People Share

Is being dehydrated or more likely under-hydrated.  Whenever my wife or kids say they have a headache, I say "drink water".  Every time they say they are hungry between meal times, I say "drink water".  Every time they say they do not feel good, I say "drink water".  OK, you get the picture.

The popular consensus is that about 75% of people are chronically dehydrated.  Unless you are are a habitual water drinker, you are probably in the 75% because face it, it takes effort to drink those 6-8 glasses of water you need everyday, even thought I think that is not enough.

It takes time to build good habits but doing so is important since 40% of our day is accomplished through the use of habits.  We all know there are good and bad habits and drinking water is a good one.  If you are not drinking enough water, the way to start is by attaching the drinking of water to good habits and making it part of your daily  ritual.

Like most I need my coffee in the morning for the protection of others.  Before drinking the first of my two cups, I drink 32 ounces of ice cold water as fast as I can.  I also put a few drops of essential lemon oil in the water to fight bacteria that can make me sick.  Here is what that water does.

  • The cold water shocks your system and increases your metabolism
  • Water is to your body like oil is to an engine, your body will run better if it is full
  • Pre-hydrates you for the rest of the day because that coffee is a diuretic 
  • Increases the chance you will take your water bottle out the door with you
The answer to the question of whether or not to fill up your water bottle is always YES.

Drinking water is the most important survival habit you can practice every day.

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