24 October 2014

Sam is my idol

I first became aware of Col Grossman's Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs analogy around 1991 after graduating the US Army Military Police School.  If I am not mistaken I found Col Grossman through a borrowed copy of Calibre Press' Tactics for Criminal Patrol

Over the years as a soldier, police, bouncer, husband, and father I have thought about what it means to be a Sheepdog.  It is definitely not about the uniform, it is like the Sheepdogs skin and fur, you cannot take it off.  These days more in the post 9/11 tactical subculture have been able read about the whole sheepdog thing.  Many have even started companies to market Sheepdog identifiers from morale patches to sweatshirts.

What strikes me is the many versions of the Sheepdog, some look more like attack dogs.  In 24 hrs I will be turning 42 years old, not old yet, but getting there for someone that makes a living putting their hands on people.  Twenty years ago I might have looked more like the attack dog version of the Sheepdog.  But these days, being more and more dedicated to my family, I see myself as Sam the Sheepdog from Loony Toons.  Sam never moves real quick, much less runs, as a matter of fact he hardly says anything either.  But he is constantly aware of the Wolf.  He does not spend much time barking, which tends to scare the sheep, he simply stands ready to punch the wolf without hesitation every time he catches him up to no good.  So yeah, I am still very much a Sheepdog, it is just that Sam is my idol these days.  No need for him to broadcast to everyone that he is a Sheepdog, those he protects, and those he protects against know who, and what he is.

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