15 October 2014

Project Pencil- arm the children first

Hopefully some of the the people you have picked for your own Project Pencil are kids.  Personally I have a daughter in college who not only has to walk around campus but also works at night.  This means she needs to park her car off campus and take a bus back to the dorm.  Being only 18 means she cannot carry a firearm,  She does carry a knife but cannot walk around with it in her hand.  She makes a habit of having a writing utensil in her hand.

My son is 15 and walks a short way to and from the bus stop.  As of this year he also attends high school football games by himself.  Being minor, on school grounds, he has to leave his knife at home.  But again, he always has a pen or pencil.

Keep it simple, you don't want them trying to "hurt" someone who grabs them, you want them stun them long enough to get away.  Attacks on them will most often begin with them being grabbed so as to be drug into a vehicle or other location.  Regardless of the weather, the attackers face, neck, and hands will usually be unprotected.  Stabbing these targets needs to be a conditioned response.  Try holding up a used pizza box so they get the feeling of puncturing something.  Ensure they have their thumb on top of the eraser and stab from their chest instead of over head so that they are not easily blocked.   The suspect should be easy to identify.

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