15 October 2014

MCS presents Project Pencil

Project Pencil

Mission-  MCS' Project Pencil is a grassroots effort to educate and train every man, woman, and child about their rights and responsibilities when it comes to self-defense.  The symbol for this is the simple pencil, the most common and basic improvised weapon that anyone can carry in their hand anywhere.  Our vision is that this becomes to self-defense what direct pressure is to bleeding.

Imagine a world where it was easy to identify pedophiles, domestic abusers, rapists and other criminals by the scars on their face, or the eye patch they wore, as a result of a person who vowed not to be a victim.

Project Pencil Pledge-  I will purchase and sharpen a pack of pencils and give them to people in my life that I care about.  It will be used as a not only a symbol that they are always armed with the right mindset, but as a physical reminder to always be aware and ready to protect themselves and others.

More thoughts and training ideas will to follow.  Please share this.

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