08 October 2014


A friend of mine recently created sort of a tactical think tank group on Facebook.  One of the topics that came up was what made the difference between merely surviving and actually prevailing on the street.  The consensus was that it is the willingness to commit that makes all the difference.

Whether it is in training or watching videos of attacks, you can see what happens when one person is committed and the other is not.  The key to commitment is confidence.  Confidence comes from identifying and understanding your options.  The simpler they are the better.

For many people their primary response to a threat would be their firearm.  This can cause hesitation to do anything before the situation escalates to the point justifying the brandishing of a firearm.  The idea is to have a layered defense that includes verbal commands, open hand skills, mechanical force option (for example a pen or flashlight), and your firearm.  Think of a situations like a temperature, once it gets to a certain level it allows you to do certain things.  If you don't have different options as the temperature climbs, you are unable to affect the rate at which it rises.  On the other hand if you are prepared to do something simple like a hammer fist to the face or a jab to the solar plexus with a pen, and commit to doing so, you may avoid having to do a higher level of force.  When you decide to hit someone, hit them as hard as you can because you might not get a second chance.

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