19 October 2014

American Dad Part I- Accepting your responsibility to lead

For as many people high speed low drag types that are hopefully reading this blog I surmise there are many more that have taken an interest in personal protection and preparedness since the last one or two elections.  Since I have been doing this stuff since ALICE packs and Maglites were tactical, I cannot imagine how overwhelmed someone looking for good basic information must feel.

Having been blessed with an amazing wife and three incredible kids, along with my background, I believe this gives me a unique perspective to talk to the other American Dads out there trying to equip and train their families on a budget.  Except for being free, why should you consider the information that I provide?  First of all, I don't live in a vacuum and am willing to change my personal SOPs based on new information.  The second reason is that I am not trying to sell you anything.  A very small percentage of our readership will ever end up training with me.  The money I do make off the blog and website is from a few inexpensive popular products.

So where is a Dad to start?  Usually with picking up some gun magazines and the internet gun/tactical forums.  Before long, you will be seduced by the need to equip yourself as if you are deploying to the sandbox.  As packages begin to show up on your doorstep, you will get the "look" from the wife.

Before buying a single damn thing, you need to first assess your needs.  The first thing is to accept that by default you are officially your family's training officer.  Even though over the last 40 or so years the TV and media has done its best to portray Dad as just another fumbling idiot of a kid that an all knowing Mom has to take care of, we know our families still depend on us.  Now I don't know about you but in my family I am the doctor, the vet, the mechanic, and overall owner of the responsibility to make all tough decisions.  So regardless of whether or not you are willing, the wife and kids will turn to you to deal with life's unpleasantries.

So now that you have come to terms with your training officer position, how well do your wife and kids listen to you?  Do they take you seriously?  Most likely you will find that getting them to listen to all this personal protection and preparedness nonsense is like trying to get a grumpy old man to take his medicine.  You need to wrap it in something they like.  For me that has meant road trips, bonfires, and role playing.

Coming soon American Dad Part II- how to start equipping you and your family on a budget.

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