24 October 2014

9 things that every Bag Of Evil should contain

So you have selected a bag, or more likely you have figured out that  there is no perfect bag so you switch back and forth between a few based on the needs of the day.  At least this is where I am at.  Over the years items come and items go, but here are some things that always make the cut.  Some are individual items and some are what I call Bricks, basically you can use any pouch the size of a standard brick to organize your things.

Water bottle-  in the warmer months I usually use empty 32 oz Gatorade bottles.  If I am heading to the woods I use my Guyot Designs Stainless Steel Bottle, 32-Ounce  I keep reloads in the Gatorade bottles.  The primary reason is the ability to heat water and food in them.  Not to mention dropping one in a sock to use as a heat rock after boiling it, to cuddle with in my hammock.  That way when you get up you don't have to thaw out water for your coffee.  I also consider a water filter part of this.  Most of the time it is a, Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter System but if I am going to the woods it is my SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Handheld UV Water Purifier

Headlamp-  this is my primary preparedness light since it frees up both of my hands.  Most recently my Petzl Tikka 2 Plus-Grey came in handy when I had to change a flat along the interstate.  I don't care what other lights you have, you need a headlamp in your bag.

First Aid Brick- contains my TIMS and Boo Boo Kits.  Red paracord zipper pulls.

Power Brick-  contains support equipment for electronics.  USB cord with wall and vehicle adapters for my phone.  Also four AA batteries and four AAA batteries,  Headlamp stored in here as well.  Marked with green paracord zipper pulls.

Repair Brick-    Contains 50 feet of parachute corded wrapped into a fast rope,  50 feet of bank line and a sail needle, 100 MPH tape, bailing wire, and Crazy Glue.  Marked with blue paracord zipper pulls.

Waterproof shell-  clothing is nothing more than 1st line shelter and the foundation for this is a good waterproof shell.  These days because I ride my motorcycle just about every day I am carrying a Harley Davidson rain suit jacket.  Like all my shells I can fit a ton of layers underneath which will keep me warm.  I have several different shells including one from Proper.  The important thing is that it is windproof, waterproof, and breathable.  Buy the best you can afford here.

Gloves-  I use Mechanix Fast-Fit even though most of the time I have leather riding gloves with me as well.

Eye Protection-  this is a no brainer for me me because I wear glasses anyway.  I just have a case to switch out my sunglasses for the regular ones.  Included here is a microfiber cloth and Cat Crap to keep them from fogging up.

Shemagh- most are familiar with the Shemagh these days, basically a large scarf in various colors.  These are so many expedient field uses that I cannot list them all.  Most of the time I wear under my hat when in the sun, and as a scarf in the winter.

You can add or subtract as you wish, but these nine items are in my bag no matter what I am doing or where I am.

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