01 September 2014

People hate rules, even with they volunteer to follow them

Hopefully most will agree that I am pretty fair when cops are justified in their actions or at fault, as well as sharing the amazing things they do for people every day.

Unless you are in job that requires to enforce rules upon others you really have no understanding of how angry people become with those enforcing rules, no matter how small.

A person just walking down the sidewalk mind minding their own business is the right not to stop for the police or be forced to show identification.  This because safe passage in public places is a civil right.  The problem comes when people want to exercise privileges such as driving or going to a bar.

When you sign for your drivers license, you are in fact signing a contract that you are aware and will conform to that states motor vehicle law.  The one thing they usually point out and even usually require an additional signature for requires you to submit to a test of breath / and or blood if you are involved in a motor vehicle crash involving serious physical injury and or death to another.  Nobody, including me likes to be pulled over by the police for a traffic infraction because they think they are right.  The bottom line is that if you want to enjoy that privilege you increase you exposure to the states rules.

What caused me to write this was my experience as a bouncer.    Most will agree that in most circumstances a drinking age of 21 is a good idea, or at leas as long as it does not effect them.

As people walk up to the door, my partner and I greet them and ask to see their ID.  Now everyone knows that you need to have an ID to enter a establishment that sells alcohol and that it is a the States rule, not ours, but you would never know it.

The majority of people are in the process of getting it out when they approach us.  But we also get these responses-

"Are you serious"
"I was here last night"
"Don't you remember me"
"I know (insert name of person we don't know)"
"Why do you need it can't you see that I am (insert age)"
"I am older than you"
"I don't have it"
"It is in the car"

People get very belligerent instead of just showing ID.  They become even angrier when we said "Have a good night"  and they say "What"  and we say "We are not comfortable letting you into our establishment because you be came hostile when ask to follow a state rule you were aware of when you were sober.  That means that once you drink and we ask you to follow house rules you are not familiar with there is going to be a bigger problem."  That often forces them to change their tune since they are part of a group and want to go in.

Just like cops, people take advantage of or take their chances with the mood and professionalism of the individual.  People yell, curse, and threaten you when asked to comply with the smallest rules that by their participation in an activity or physical location requires them to do so.  In all these cases if tables were turned and the officer/bouncer initially spoke to them they way they just did they would be the first one running to make a complaint.

Keep this in mind when dealing with those whose job it is to enforce laws and rules.

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