26 September 2014

No more knife fighting bullshit

It is with a very heavy heart that I report the murder of my coworker, friend and Brother, Tom Malenski.  Tom had his throat cut in Baltimore last night by a guy that he and my buddy Marty had removed from the Ottobar.  Marty was also savagely attacked and has to have a plastic surgeon put his face back together.  The suspect is still at large, as this is an ongoing homicide investigation, so I will limit my comments at this time.

In my 24 year career doing what I call "putting my hands on people for a living" I have never lost a coworker.  Tom was an amazing, positive human being, and motivated others.  He was a recovering addict with an incredible work ethic and attitude.  He had the best "eye" I have seen in a bouncer or a cop, meaning he could spot trouble way before anyone else.  He leaves behind his Mother, and Grandmother.

Now the reason for a title, there is a show at the club tonight and there will be bouncers there doing there job there like there are at tens of thousands of clubs and bars around the world..  A Brotherhood I am proud to be a part of.

My love of the Law Enforcement Brotherhood started me on my way to creating MCS after I was involved in a fatal shooting in 2000.  I was insanely pissed at myself and my agency after the shooting because all the training that they provided and that I eagerly accepted did nothing to prepare me for the reality of a real shooting.  After that I began my best to figure out why police were being killed and not hitting what they were shooting at.  What I found is best described this way, we are trying to load software on the human mind and body that incompatible with our operating system.  That blended with the denial of the level brutality and violence that will be used against you as well as that which you need to prevail continues to kill officers.  Deadly force involving the use of a firearm being at that top of the pyramid, I began to research why defensive tactics systems failed.  That led to Spontaneous Attack Survival.

Unlike some reading this post, Tom and Marty were no strangers to violence.  The were both part of the punk scene in Baltimore which led to them bouncing at the Ottobar.  I have been back to back in altercations with both of them.  My point is that most people are in denial about how they will respond to a real attack.  The worst offenders are those who talk about their belts and trophies.  I am all for pursuing traditional martial arts to better yourself, but not to prepare you for real violence.  If you are not in the business of putting your hands on people for a living you probably have the luxury of believing what your study will help you in the street.  I have been sugar coating my opinion on this for years, but to honor the memory of my Brother I cannot do it anymore.  If this offends you I am sorry.  No knife on knife bullshit, or carrying a $300 dollar knife, or being able to do "moves" with a knife in your hand will prepare you.

Marty said "I thought I was being punched" until the blood began to flow.  The weapon was not seen by either bouncer as far as I know.  The attacker was also not the primary person they were involved with.  In all honesty I don't know they had the time and opportunity to use anything I had taught them.  The bottom line is you cannot become fixated and you have got to treat every hand like there is a box cutter in it, and at conversation distance your defense will be open handed, so you better train that way.  There is no other way.

If you are in the business of putting your hands on people for a living, please be truthful to yourself when it comes to how prepared you are to deal with a violent attack, and train accordingly.

Tom, I miss and love you Brother- George


  1. Thoughts and prayers

  2. He was one of us brother. In my 20 years experience as a doorman. I can say hands down Tom was one of the best guys I worked with. He will be missed.

  3. weapons are meant to be FELT NOT SEEN!!!!!!! Especially bladed weapons

  4. Anonymous05:50

    Thank you for posting this. Tom was my neighbor and my friend. So much bullshit surrounding this still dont' know what happened. Hope for justice in June.