04 February 2014

Stop bolting expensive stuff onto your kydex sheaths

One of the many things I have never understood is why people get a nice thin knife for concealed carry in a nice thin kydex sheath and bolt a Tec Loc onto it doubling the thickness.  This makes the whole thing stick farther out and does not allow the knife to move with you, and when you try to put it back in the sheath you stab yourself.

Lets do the math, three Tec Loks would be $39 without shipping.  That would take care of three sheaths.  A three pack of mercharnesses is $20 and a three pack of Tactical Tethers is $10.  So for $30 you could take care of six sheaths.  Knife and sheath makers contact me for quantity pricing, and the best part is that you can offer both for less than a Tek Loc and don't have to bolt anything on.

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