02 February 2014

SO Tech (MACTAC) Multiple Assault Counter-Terrorism Action Capability pack- review

Wow!  The name of this pack is a mouthful.  I am glad they have an acronym for it.  I have been using it every day for about six months and have yet to do, or have any plans of doing, anything as high speed as it was originally designed for as indicated by it's name.  It has however proven to be my favorite Bag Of Evil (Every Day Carry) bag to date, and for that purpose, I cannot find a single flaw with it.  There is a lot to like with this bag.  Let's talk about a few.

Stands up by itself- this is very important to me.  I hate it when a bag melts to a pile when you put it down,whether it is in the front seat of the car, on a table, or on the ground.  This is made possible by the short stout design of the pack coupled with the natural stiffness of the cordura nylon and webbing.

Drag handle on top and both sides- this comes in handy since it allows me to snatch it from the seat or trunk of the car no matter what side I am grabbing it or what position the bag is in.  This also allows you to be able to carry it like a briefcase and that makes it easier to dig for contents when you don't have anywhere to put it down.

It only has two compression straps on the top- instead or four, or two on each side.  This is probably my favorite feature and was most likely not intended as a "feature".  The reason is that it makes it possible to work out of the side of the bag instead of the top.  Most of the time the bag is in one of two places; hung up in my kitchen as you can see in the slide show, or sitting next to me in the passenger seat of the car.  If it had dual compression straps on each side, I would either have to undo one to get items out of the top, or leave one or more unbuckled, and my OCD will not allow that.

Convertible shoulder strap(s)- as you will see in the SO Tech video below you can either carry this as a backpack using both straps or a sling bag using one.  I don't cover a lot of ground with this pack, so I always keep it as a single strap.  Unlike many other bags, the inside of the shoulder straps has a non slip material that keeps the bag from slipping off of your shoulder when carrying it college kid style, which is damn annoying.  When I carry the bag for a distance, I put it on across my chest.  The design of the shoulder straps makes kind of a Y when put together and this Y sort of cups my shoulder.  This means the bag is over my shoulder, which distributes the weight instead of crushing and digging into my neck.  This would be how I would wear it on my mountain bike or motorcycle.

Front slash pocket- instead of a pouch that bumps out like many packs, the front pouch on the MACTAC has a slash type pocket.  This has a divider in it that does a great job at storing my notebook and Expedition Organizer.  This provides good use of space while also keeping the bag slim and snag free.

Mesh pocket and Velcro interior- the integrated large mesh pocket on the inside of the front panel was an obvious choice for my TIMS (Traumatic Injury Management) Kit and Boo Boo Kit with room to spare.  Two velcro backed pouches from Condor allowed me to take full advantage of the pile Velcro lining below the mesh pocket.  One of these pockets is for Commo, anything I need for my cell phone like charging cables and Bluetooth, and the other is for Survival stuff such as water filter, compass, etc.  The rest of the pile Velcro on the hull of the bag is not currently being utilized

Hidden war panel- I call it that because it sounds cooler than just saying a place to keep your gun.  Most of the time these days I carry a Taurus Model 85 revolver, but this bag allows me to carry my Glock 19, spare magazine, Olight T25, and Leatherman Super Tool on pile Velcro panel that can be accessed from either side.

This Bag Of Evil, like those that came before it, is usually about 30% empty.  This allows me to throw the needs of the day into it.  Most days that means my lunch, snacks, and water bottle.  Today, being Sunday, it was my Bible and water bottle that I loaded into it before strapping it on the sissybar of my Harley and securing it with a bungee cord.  I have on occasion been able to fit my laptop and cord in as well.

I hope this review, accompanying slide show, and SO Techs own video of the MACTAC provide you with a good idea of what this bag has to offer.

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