04 February 2014

Chief, can we stab people?

Unfortunately this is what many chiefs hear and see when someone asks about edged weapons training.  The truth is that officers will come into contact with more people carrying edged weapons in a day than with people carrying guns in a month.  Edged weapons, whether they are designed as such or improvised, are found in just about every environment even if the offender is not carrying any on their person.  That is why we keep people out of bathrooms and kitchens while on calls for service in residences.

Most DT programs only touch on edged weapons defenses because most DT techniques fair very poorly when used against edged weapons.  An effective edged weapons program recognizes that we usually do not see the weapon before we are attacked.  This requires an open hand response that either stops the threat or allows the officer to transition to a mechanical force option that will.

Training against a threat as deadly and spontaneous as an edged weapon attack has to focus on Principle Based Responses that are as intuitive as hitting your brakes when a car in front of you slams on theirs.  This means there is no time for complicated martial arts techniques.

Our Edged Weapons Survival for Law Enforcement Course is 8 hrs for the officer, and an additional 8 to be an instructor.

Morning Session- Spontaneous Attack Suppression

Topics covered include-
Use of force
Combative Fundamentals
Combative Anatomy
Selection, carry, deployment, and use of edged weapons
Three phases of an edged weapon attack
Common angles of attack
Constant tactical positioning
Responding to furtive movement 
Principle based responses 

Even though the majority of officers carry a knife while on duty, very few agencies have any policies and procedures in place in reference to these ERTs (Emergency Rescue Tools).  You would think that agencies would want to have something in place to ensure that their officers are not carrying the Death Dealer 2000 or some other savage weapon that could become an issue if ever used to defend the officer’s life.  Our answer to this issue is the afternoon portion of Edged Weapon Survival.

Afternoon Session- Tactical Folding Knife for LE

Topics covered include-

Role of the tactical folder in law enforcement
Selection, carry, and use of the tactical folder
Principle of required extension
Role of the live hand

Both Spontaneous Attack Survival and Tactical Folding Knife for LE can be taken as stand alone courses with the understanding that they were designed to be taken in that order and to complement each other.

Spontaneous Attack Survival has been presented at both ILETA and ALEFI Conferences.

Call 717-693-2085 today to find out how easy it is to host this course at your agency and receive free training. 

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