20 January 2014

The Mindset behind our curriculum and courses, information must be shared

For those of you who don't know, MCS is basically me George, and my wife Lisa.  I do all the fun stuff, designing, writing, traveling, and teaching, and the Boss is the office manager.  During my police and training career I have been able to develop an amazing stable of adjunct trainers and training junkies around the country who are my men on the ground.

The most important things to Lisa and I are God, family, and friends.  I say this to explain where I am coming from.  All of our material is principle based and proven adult learning strategies are used to ensure that someone attending our course not only grasps the material but can also pass it on.  Whether it is on the law enforcement or citizenry side, most people attending training are men, and of course they all have a Mom, sisters, daughters, and girlfriends.  Even in our most intensive classes, like 7 X 7 and Total Officer Survival, we hear from guys how they went home and shared what they learned with the people that they love.  This is made possible by the way we present the material.  It is based on likelihood of need and ability to use.  So, whether we are training citizens or cops, that means open hand combatives, impact weapons, edged weapons, and firearms.  The first two, combatives and impact weapons, are the two things that the average person will have access to if they are attacked.  And even in the case of someone armed with a gun or a knife, your initial response will usually need to be open handed.  After that, if time, opportunity, and need come together, you can hopefully deploy a deadly force option.

Of our three kids, two are teenagers.  The majority of time they spend away from us is while they are traveling to and from, or at school.  Now my oldest daughter (17)  works too.  Obviously they cannot carry a gun, and in school cannot carry their knife.  But having trained them in the use of open hand combatives and impact weapons, gives Lisa and I peace of mind that our kids will refuse to be victims.

We also get folks coming to courses that are trying to get their loved ones to carry guns and knives.  Our advice is never to push anyone into this personal decision.  I would rather have their Mother or wife sink a pen into an attacker's eyeball and save her life than hesitate on drawing a pistol and pay with her life for it.

For those who have made the decision to train, classes like 7 X 7, Total Officer Survival, and Edged Weapons Survival are go at your own pace, test yourself type courses where pieces of the survival puzzle can be fitted together.  Our Personal Protection course is the one you want to bring the whole family to, and many do.  We have presented this course to many academic institutions and private groups.  After attending, many are ready to move onto 7 X 7, and will find that Personal Protection gave them a solid foundation for doing so.

Our vision is that the information covered in our classes is shared with as many people as possible at the rate they are willing to absorb it.  Like all knowledge, it is worthless if you keep it to yourself.

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